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👿120+ Evil Names: 😡Their Meaning and If You Should Use Them

You should understand that not all nicknames are good names. Look at a unique list of evil names by their nature to inspire you for great ideas. Some of them are truly demonic, so be careful when making your choice. We hope that this list will be helpful for you!

Evil Names

Evil Names List

  1. [Red Devils]Ne
  2. [The Expendables]_Evil
  3. [The] EviL
  4. [WhiteDevils] DEM
  5. [red.DEVIL]
  6. _Evil_FOX_
  7. evil spirit
  8. tm # | Zeus
  9. evil:D
  10. evil_around
  11. evil_is_dead
  12. evil_meat
  13. evillase_home
  14. h4rDcOr3™|DeviLL
  15. hOrNy devil
  16. red_Devil
  17. reddevil1905
  18. scydevil
  19. syr_EVILSKULLS X(eleven)
  20. wTw | ReD DeVIL
  21. x_Evil_x
  22. Evil army™|MaJoy™[-3k]
  23. ★TneEvilCheat★
  24. ★Black s†ar★
  1. “BlAcK_DeViL”
  2. “Vt4M”AdolF.G.S[
  3. “WaR-DeVIL” MaZzIL(A)
  4. $ Cruel Devil $
  5. $[DeViL]$
  6. (TNT)Devil(TNT)
  7. ***Resident evil***
  8. *ShE_DevIL*
  9. *SkyPe* | DeViL [TM]
  10. *{r@nDoM}*Devil cry
  11. -_-EVIL-_-
  12. …DR.PhAnTom…
  13. …DeViL…
  14. Amerdan Devil
  15. BLaCK ToRNaDo
  16. BLaCK_MiRRoR
  17. BLaCk_DeViL
  18. BLaCk_DeViL_666
  22. Black Devil
  23. Black Devil -2
  24. Black Devil | Atom
  25. CsBlackDevil_Basterd
  27. DaRk Dai Lo
  28. DaRk DeMoN KiLlEr ShOt
  29. DaRk DeViL@
  30. Dare_DeviLL
  31. Daredevil
  32. DaredevilTeam(//)
  33. Dargas
  34. DeVIL_WaLK
  35. DeaD
  37. DeaD*LoL*1*One*
  38. DeaD_Fack
  39. DeaD_MaKcNm
  40. DeaD_OK
  41. DeaD_Red_Tornado
  42. !@#csr.monster
  43. (Monster-KILL) @@!
  44. Beloved monster
  45. **Monster **
  46. *=Monster=*
  47. *{r@nDoM}* MoNsTeRKiLLER1*
  48. —–>Erikas-Monster<—–
  49. .::MoNsTer::.
  50. .:Monster*iCe:.TM
  51. CSR[i]Monster
  52. Firemonster
  53. =DeathStroke=
  54. >DeATH>
  55. Angel From Hell
  56. Angel of Death|Padre.RnD
  57. BLO_oDyDeatH
  58. BlackTheDeath
  59. BlackTiger > Avana-Pro*)
  60. BlackTiger > Bromen
  61. BlackTiger > kreSHg :<
  62. BlackWolf
  63. BlackWolf 1
  64. BlackWolf_09
  65. Black_-RED-_
  66. Black_Angel
  67. Black_Hanter
  68. Black_Hard
  69. Black_Hawk_Down
  70. Black_Ilon4ik
  71. Black_Jack
  72. Black_Jack#13
  73. Black_Jack777
  74. Black_Litsar™|Doc
  75. Black_Metal_Ist_Krieg
  76. Black_Nickromant////
  77. Black_Niger
  78. Black_Pr(o)
  79. Black_Star
  80. Black_Swan
  81. Black_To_Go_The_Andry
  82. Black_Water)
  83. Black_Wolf
  84. Black_aNd_wHIte
  85. Black_be@uty love
  86. Black_boy
  87. Black_girl
  88. Black_jeck
  89. Black_klan_Pro
  90. Black_sun
  91. Blackbeard
  92. Blackbearer
  93. Blackbrand
  94. Blackbringer
  95. Blackburn 7[rus] [CP2]
  96. Blackcrosunna
  97. Blackeye
  98. Blackfire
  99. Blackfist
  100. Blackflame
  101. Blackflex
  102. Blackfont
  103. Blackfury

Why People Like Bad Ass Names

People choose evil nicknames because sounding nice and good all the time seems quite boring to them. They find it fun to be mischievous and be called like a real villain. For example, there are many German male names that sound really evil.

A deviation from the norm of naming your friends or other people will provide you with many choices. Nerdy names are so different that you can stand out wherever you go if you choose one of them for yourself.

Think about evil boy names if you want to celebrate magical, dark, or supernatural characters. They’re cutting-edge and bring a lot of fun. Besides, these are good nicknames for cars and cool trucks. It’s completely up to you which one you choose in the end.

Helpful Tips on Picking Evil Names

Use our list of brilliant suggestions to come up with the funniest names ever. Follow these basic tips that will help you choose the best one.

  1. Find an appropriate nickname that suits your story (feel free to consider real names of spies, killers, etc.)
  2. If you need an evil nickname for a game, take its genre into account because action characters are different from the horror ones.
  3. Consider the gender because dark female names are also different from nicknames for males.
  4. Look for the one that is easily pronounced by others to avoid misunderstanding.
  5. Misspelling a real name is an effective way to make it different, but you shouldn’t make it too different.
  6. Make it unforgettable to stand out from the crowd.

How to Come Up with a Cool Name for a Bad Girl or Guy

Feel free to use favorite or popular comic books, TV shows, or movies for your inspiration. Remember that even some of their titles can be turned into a perfect evil name. When looking for badass car names, these are also great for unleashing your creativity.

Use other languages to come up with interesting ideas. For instance, you can easily find cute Japanese names that sound really evil. Make sure that you know the right translation to avoid any possible confusion. Don’t instantly reject the name choices that you feel aren’t good enough for you.

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