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👨100+ Funny Nicknames for Guys: 💑How to Name Your Boyfriend

Many people have funny nicknames for their best friends. Some are quite typical, while others make no sense to other people. If you’re looking for unique, weird, cheesy, or silly names for guys, look at our list full of excellent ideas to find the right one!

Funny Nicknames for Guys

Funny Boyfriend Nicknames List

  1. (^ Bratichka ^)
  2. (^ •ᴥ ^)
  3. (^$^)
  4. (^_^) SoKoJL (^_^)
  5. (^_^)KAPTOIIIKA(^_^)
  6. +_+#$?^&-_-@?^*(?##
  7. +_+BLACKBULKA-_-
  8. +_+Oco6oOnaceH+_+
  9. +_+_M4A1_15+_+
  10. +_+_M4A1_15+_+/
  11. +_+kaxa_is_sergo+_+
  12. +_=)(=_+
  13. +_HaKer_+
  14. +_Hoh0L_+
  15. +_kilir_+
  16. =))_LOL
  17. =)=)Pasha
  18. =)Allecks=)
  19. =)Galka
  20. =)OptImIst(=
  21. =)Pro =) pro
  22. =)SLON(=
  23. =)Source(=
  24. =)Sp@rt@=)
  25. =**+Lapushka+**=
  26. =*=GoLuBoGla:ZAYA=*=
  27. =*Le[G]1on]*=|MaMa_AmA_KriMinal
  28. =*XeRoMaN*VaNgUeT*=
  29. =-3aDpoTbl=-HeMHogo=-
  30. =-= 2014 cHiTeR 2014 =-=
  31. =-= Slaye=-=
  32. =-=PSIX=-=_(Gr@FuPT0)
  33. =-A.D.I.S.E.I-=
  34. =-K.O.C.O.u.-=
  35. =-Noiz-XXX-=
  36. =-PICA-=
  37. =-THE HELPING-=
  38. =-★Online★-=
  39. =021977100
  40. =0Fanta0=
  41. =38 rus=armenya=
  42. =9-altin123
  43. =9gramm=
  44. =<ser}|{ant>=
  45. =<ska>=
  46. == MEL ==**76RUS**
  47. == X x X ==
  48. =^AnDrEi^=
  49. =^_0=
  50. =^_^=
  51. =_*BagiNya*_=
  52. =_–_+Kot3-1885+_–_=
  53. =_= =_= =_=123
  54. =_=*lait*=_=
  55. =_=Donbass=_=
  56. =_=Shift=_=
  57. =_=ZoLoToY=_=
  58. =_BeSeLblu – MoLo4NuK_=
  59. =_DIDON_=
  60. =_Dark_=Killer_Jek
  61. =_Demon-warwar_=
  62. =_KaPaTeL_=
  63. =_^^^BEK^^^_=
  64. =___=<FireFox>=___=
  65. =“LeNoVo“=
  66. =audioslave=
  67. =cosika=
  68. =danila=
  69. =halk=
  70. =i
  71. =maverik=
  72. =mr.T-o-n-y=
  73. >:D – The [Best]olo4b))
  74. >:[
  75. ><$)*B_JI*O_T_O*T_A*($><
  76. ><-)
  77. ><<juliya>><
  78. ><Baklan><
  79. ><REvO><
  80. >>—-Arrow—->
  81. >>:Diablo:<<
  82. ⱷ= (((Pantherka )))))))=ⱷ
  83. ⱷDollⱷ
  84. ⱷDollⱷ Ḿảṝϔϛᴚ
  85. ⱷKnopaⱷ
  86. ⱷPantherkaⱷ
  87. ⱷ¸Mųζåώķǻⱷ
  88. ⱷ⎠⎛ⱷ√ Ne@DeK√@Te ⱷ⎞⎝ⱷ
  89. ⱷ◊ⱷMalinkaⱷ◊ⱷ
  90. 『Ɽคﻮε』 ✧࿈٤٣٨࿈✧ 7
  91. 【Σℜ∆】
  92. 【Σℜ∆】 ♚ คภยรђ ツ 14
  93. してfoxして
  94. ジ name ジ
  95. ジfunny_chelove©hik ジ
  96. ツHedRedツ
  97. ツJulietツ
  98. ツ_name_ツ
  99. ✪ Lucky ✪
  100. ✪Awemy
  101. ✪FasTIK✪
  102. ✪SNAYP︻デ═一✪
  103. ✪Zefer✪
  104. ✪Ŧђє≈βøśś✪
  105. ✪Ŧђє≈βøśś✪ ˜
  106. ✪Ҝტ∭ҜᎯ✪
  107. ✪♓ツẌẍᶍŢēŋṫá¢ΐọℵ☱☣†
  108. ✬•٠·♥name♥••٠·✬

Find Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend

Think about picking the best pet name for your boyfriend that is not only a modification of his original name but also reflects a feeling that you have for your beloved man. It can be funny, hot, annoying, or even naughty. It’s only up to you to choose great nicknames for lovers.

Do you need more creative ideas? Do you wonder what cute things to say to your boyfriend? What to learn how to tease your man? Pick a funny name that brings happiness, laugh, and other positive moments. It’s one of the nice things to do for your boyfriend.

Why Use Funny Nicknames

It’s cool to give a cool name to your boyfriend or male friend if it brings a lot of fun. Some women can be really annoying because they keep coming up with endless names that may even make guys dumb and angry. Don’t repeat their mistake!

Find funny boyfriend memes and use them as a great way of showing that you care about your special man. These offer an excellent solution to bring your relationship to a much deeper level. Use his favorite animal, movie, car, or other things as your inspiration.

How to Pick Funny Names for Everyone

Coming up with nicknames that bring on a lot of fun isn’t a science. However, you still need to understand how to do it properly. Use the following effective methods to pick a funny nickname for anyone that will stick for ages:

  • By mocking the physical characteristics of a guy (mean names usually describe his appearance);
  • By making fun of his character or personality;
  • By modifying his real name (it can be a joke waiting to be told, especially if the chosen nickname rhymes with it);
  • By mocking his hometown or nationality (make sure a pet name doesn’t sound offensive).

What Else Can You Do to Pick a Funny Nickname?

Take a man’s goofy or wacky mannerisms into account because they can provide you with great hints. For example, some guys gesture a lot, while others keep doing something with their hair or chew too loud. These mannerisms can be your great source of funny names to call boys.

Feel free to adopt nicknames from books, video games, or TV. There are many funny movie names that you can find this way.

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